Alternative treatments for neck and shoulder pain which saves you a trip to the doctor

Alternative treatments for neck and shoulder pain which saves you a trip to the doctor

Many people dismiss neck and shoulder pain as a regular thing that people go through as they grow older. The thing is, the human body is very efficient at keeping itself healthy if you take care of it. The reason most people suffer from neck and shoulder pain is because of our modern lifestyle. We spend so much time staring down at our smartphones and sitting on chairs looking at computer screens that it�s no wonder we suffer from neck and shoulder pain.

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Don�t ignore these inexpensive treatments

� Stretch � Investing in a few yoga classes a week can and will do wonders for your posture and mind. Stretching activates muscles we don�t use on a regular basis because of our lifestyle. If you can�t afford yoga classes, stretching twice a day while watching YouTube videos in the morning and evening is a great inexpensive way to cure neck and shoulder pain.
� Vitamin B12 � Vitamin B12 has a vast number of health benefits in addition to pain relief. It has been seen to alleviate pain in arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and even in carpal tunnel syndrome. How it works to protect your neck is that it encourages your body to thicken its protective coating around the nerves so that they don�t easily react to pain.
� Ginger � Many people have ginger sitting in their cabinets at home. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory spice. Plenty of studies have shown that ginger has many health benefits including but not limited to reducing nausea, soothing upset stomachs, pain relief and reducing inflammation in our body�s. The best part? It�s a very cheap way to treat your pain and it�s all natural.
� Drink more water � The discs between the vertebrae in your spine absolutely need water to maintain disc height and spinal adjustment and to take pressure off the spine. Each spine disc is around 80% water when we�re born with this ratio decreasing as we get older. Keeping yourself hydrated is paramount to success when it comes to getting rid of neck and shoulder pain.

While there are many alternative treatments to taking care of yourself when it comes to neck and shoulder pain, it is important to not ignore the pain if it is really severe. If you can afford it, a doctor is absolutely worth seeing for the peace of mind it will bring you. A doctor can correctly diagnose what�s causing the problem and suggest treatments that will cure your annoying neck and shoulder pain.

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